The ANSP project (an Academic Network at São Paulo), as determined by a decision of FAPESP's Board of Trustees, “provides the State of São Paulo research community with state of the art computer networking connectivity.”


ANSP develops and maintains the infrastructure, Internet services and data communication in general which, in conjunction with ANSP’s Technical Reserve Program, offers the education and research community in the State of São Paulo the technological means needed to access information throughout the world, to share knowledge, to develop collaborative projects and for innovation on a large scale.


The ANSP Project is run by NARA from The Medical School of the University of São Paulo and is funded by FAPESP through process 2013/11711-5



For the fourth time, ANSP will organize a biannual event to discuss topics of interest to participants in its ecosystem - the BMA4 - next October in São Paulo, with the guiding theme "Network-Cloud Convergence".


The biannual meetings of the ANSP, the BMAs, have become established as part of the agenda of researchers, professionals and equipment vendors with interests related to the area of ​​communication networks. All activities of BMAs are publicized via their social networks - Twitter and FanPage, in real time.

ANSP’s 4th Biannual Meeting  (BMA4) on 29, 30 and 31 October 2013, at the Faculty of Medicine of the USP’s Pinheiros campus, São Paulo, SP, will offer oral, written and recorded presentations, in addition to courses and workshops taught by teachers and other professionals with proven merit in the academic and business environments.

In its biannual meetings, ANSP, in addition to organizing activities, has the opportunity to listen to the attendees, their doubts, criticisms and suggestions, so that each new meeting is better able to meet the expectations of the ANSP Ecosystem. The guiding theme is "Network-Cloud Convergence" and its implications for education and research institutions in the State of São Paulo, to discuss issues of interest to the community, such as protocols of the virtualization of slices, the integration and scalability of virtualized systems and the governance new networks.

Registration for the meeting is now open. Follow the schedule on the website of BMA.



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