The ANSP project (an Academic Network at São Paulo), as determined by a decision of FAPESP's Board of Trustees, “provides the State of São Paulo research community with state of the art computer networking connectivity.”


ANSP develops and maintains the infrastructure, Internet services and data communication in general which, in conjunction with ANSP’s Technical Reserve Program, offers the education and research community in the State of São Paulo the technological means needed to access information throughout the world, to share knowledge, to develop collaborative projects and for innovation on a large scale.


The ANSP Project is run by NARA from The Medical School of the University of São Paulo and is funded by FAPESP through process 2013/11711-5



ANSP promoted a workshop on SDN OpenFlow on 11, 12, 18 and 19 September 2013, at the ITA, São José dos Campos, SP.


On 19 September, 2013, the first ANSP-ITA Workshop on SDN, OpenFlow, held at the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, São José dos Campos, São Paulo came to a close. The four-day workshop was organized by Prof. Dr. Cesar Marcondes, UFSCar (Federal University of São Carlos) at the request of Prof. Dr. Alessandro Anzaloni and aimed to continue the process of empowering the academic sector in SDN OpenFlow technology  which began during BMA2 (2nd Biannual Meeting of ANSP) in 2012.

Anzaloni, a professor of   communication systems and signal processing at ITA, and formerly the project leader of the TIDIA Program (Information Technology in Advanced Internet Development), believes that the implementation of OpenFlow improves ITA's internal network, both in scientific applications and in the areas of undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The workshop was conducted by Prof. Marcondes, with the support of Ricardo Antonio and Brasolin Guesuatto, postgraduates under his supervision, and engineer John R. Strapasson, from the Brazilian company DATACOM, responsible for the production and supply of equipment used in the workshop.

ANSP has promoted interactive activities on OpenFlow and SDN for companies and academic institutions. Follow the courses, lectures and workshops presented during the BMAs (Biannual Meetings of ANSP), by accessing ANSP’s YouTube channel.



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